Alice b

Saturday Lill-Babs 16:00

Alice Botéus, or Alice b as she calls herself as an artist, is a true poet. A lot of her lyrics tell the story about the youth, Kullavik where she grew up, Gothenburg where she now lives, and about the eternal but difficult love.

She released her first, self-titled, album in 2012 and two years later she was asked by Håkan Hellström to support him at his first (of many) Ullevi shows. Two years ago, she released her second long-awaited album, Så unga.

And then last year, the 81-track (!) long album Mega (Skisser 2005-2016) came out, which contains home recordings, covers, quick takes and ideas; a selection of the treasure of hundreds of songs that Alice has written between 2005 and 2016. In early 2018 she released a new single, Two Man Gang, which despite its title is in Swedish, like all of her songs. Once again, Alice b sets fire to the heart, and as a listener you feel the meaning of every word she sings through the dreamy indiepop that permeates all her music. We know the audience will be taken by storm at this summer’s festival.