Beatrice Eli



Beatrice Eli released her first EP, It’s over, already in 2012 and two years later, the critically acclaimed debut album Die Another Day 2014 was released. The album featured the hottest dyke-anthem in years; ‘Girls’.

Beatrice quickly became one of the hottest new stars in Sweden and her voice really is gold worth. She creates a feeling of hope and courage and with a cocky fragility she creates musik that goes deep within. Last year she released the EP, ‘The Careful’, where the raw and punk-pop sound from the debut album was replaced with a new nuance of maturity, and where Beatrice’s beautiful voice penetrates the sound in a different way. The songs are still fast-paced and the production, especially in the single Careful, is brilliant.

Beatrice is one of those pop stars that one can safely say have saved the lives of people with their music – she’s honest, open and a real powerpussy. Statement is incredibly happy to have Beatrice on stage this summer, and we believe the audience will cry, dance and sing along, all at once.