Dolores Haze

Saturday Whitney 18:30

Dolores Haze is definitely the coolest band in Sweden right now. It s total anarchy and since they released their debut album The haze is forver in 2015, band members Foxy Sagz, Groovy Nickz and Lucky Lollo have contributed with a long-awaited element of chaos to the Swedish pop scene. They describe themselves as a disgusting version of Spice Girls, inspired by Sonic Youth as much as Hannah Montana. They have been praised by Iggy Pop and also been the warm up band for him on a tour, and in addition to winning a lot of P3 Gold prizes and being Grammis nominated, Dolores Haze has also worked with Little Jinder and Rebecca & Fiona and been warming up also for Swedish legends bob hund. Dolores Haze released the single White House 2017 and they have big plans for 2018, and we are very pleased that a gig at Statement is part of the plan.

Photo: Press