Maxida Märak

Saturday Lill-Babs 19:00

Maxida Märak has entered the public eye with thunder. If you have not heard her on the radio, you have probably seen her on television – either in Sápmi Sisters or Sápmi Sessions, or perhaps latest in the Swedish Eurovision competition, where she performed in the intermission. Maxida produces hip hop in a unique and innovative way, and with her Swedish-Sami background, Sápmi is always the norm. She mixes hard rap, hooky choruses and heavy electronic beats with her magical joik, a concept that very few people have experimented with earlier. Over the years Maxida has not only become famous for her music but also as an activist, which permeates her entire persona. And even though the message in her songs is clear, it’s not the politics that drives her as an artist. It is the quest to create awesome music. On stage, Maxida is cocky and is rather too much than to little. By being honest and transparent with who she is, she inspires others to become what they want, regardless of background – and what is that, if not a complete Statement?