Stand up: Petrina Solange

Friday Lill-Babs 18:15

Petrina Solange is the comedian who likes to joke about anything and will make you laugh about things that will almost make you hate yourself. She is the queen of malice and with her raw sense of humour she has since she entered the stand-up scene in Sweden become one of the country’s most beloved comedian. Back in 2013 she won the award “this years Newcomer” at the Swedish Stand-up Awards, and two years later she was awarded with the title “female comedian of the year” award. Besides that she is a part of organising Sweden’s most secretive stand-up club “Ståupp under jord” in Malmö, she has the live podcast “Måndag” together withe her comedian friends. Until 2016 she was a prominent host in “Tankesmedjan”, and she has also been a screenwriter for the talkshow Robins. Lately we have been able to see her in both “Släng dig I Brunnen” and “Parlamentet”, and now she will grace Statement festival this summer where she will be able to make us laugh and hate ourselves at the same time cause her malice is just so damn funny.