Friday Lill-Babs 19:30

Radula consists of Hillevi Duus, Tove Möller and Ella Blixt. Some may recognize a couple of the members from bands like It’s a Musical and Hunt, but now they have put their heads together and started their journey with Radula in a basement under a shopping street in Stockholm. Radula plays indiepopslashrock with whining guitars with a longing for the sun on a west coast and irritable melodies that become ear worms. For those of us who remembers the mix tapes that put a golden touch to our lives for a quarter of a century probably recognize themselves, but like any grown teenager already notices, everything just goes ’round and around. Last year Radula released an EP cassette, Beyond Tears, and the vinyl singles Patience / Oh Oh Oh and they also had time for two tours in Germany together with a bunch of shows in Sweden’s biggest cities. Radula describes themselves as closing the basement door and take each other hands in doubt, in laughter and growth. That Radula is therapy. That Radula is ecstasy. That Radula is friendship. That Radula is everything.