About Statement

August 31 to September 1, Statement Festival takes place for the first time ever. The Statement Festival was launched as a response to the countless abuse of women who had taken place at music festivals.

The festival is the world’s first major music festival free from cis men – both among visitors and artists, and it is a statement against all the sexual assaults in our society. We simply want that women, non-binaries and transgender to be able to visit an awesome festival and feel safe at the same time – and this summer it will happen!

Don’t miss to buy tickets for this historical event and attend Sweden’s best party! Among the artists, you will see Frida Hyvönen, Joy, Beatrice Eli, Maxida Märak and Tami T to name a few. You will also enjoy some of Sweden’s best comedians such as Nour El Refai, Petrina Solange, Josefin Johansson, Moa Svan and the Kronlöf sisters.