In the wake of the countless abuse of women at music festivals around Sweden, the world’s first major music festival, which is free from cis-men, is now reality

From tweet to reality

The idea was hatched by the comedian and radio profile Emma Knyckare when she saw the reports about abuse and sexual violence at Swedish festivals in summer 2017. It made her reflect on what the problem of sexual violence is and came to the conclusion that the common denominator of almost all sexual violence is: Men.

“I thought it was sad that the media focus was on immigration or alcohol and not that it is cis men who account for 97 percent of all sexual violence.

In impact on the news of the sexual assault on Bråvalla Emma tweeted: “What do you think about doing an awesome festival where no men are welcome until ALL men have learned how to behave?”.

Successful crowdfunding campaign raised the starting capital

The initiative upset many, but even more people supported Knyckare’s idea and several hundred wanted to help. Based on all the hundreds of persons that offered their help, a project group consisting of 22 people met for the first time met on a warm August day in Stockholm in 2017. The project group decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign to see if there was real interest in the festival and if Individuals would donate money so the Statement Festival could start the work with the festival.

The goal was to collect 500,000 SEK in one month which would be used to book the venue for the festival. It took 21 days before the campaign’s goals were met and more than 3,000 individuals gathered the festival’s starting capital.

“It feels amazing that we now make reality of this! That a simple tweet led to this powerful commitment from as well the project team as everyone who supported us in social media is overwhelming. But the goal is nevertheless that the Statement Festival will not fill any function in the future” said Emma Knyckare in a previous press release.

The festival that everyone talks about

The festival was talked about around the world and Emma has a full schedule to keep up with all press inquiries. To mention a few, she has been interviewed by journalists from BBC, Washington Post, The Independent and Rolling Stone. Emma Knyckare and Statement Festival’s project group also received the Gaffa’s special award in early 2018.

Together with the project group, Emma is now in the process of creating the absolute boldest festival of the summer, which is also an historical moment when women, non-binary and transgender can go to a music festival without having to look over their shoulder.

Now we write history together!