Below you can find answers to common questions about Statement Festival. This page will be continuously updated.

About Statement Festival

What is Statement Festival?
Who started Statement Festival?
Why do we need Statement Festival?
Who is organizing Statement Festival?
When is Statement Festival?


What does a ticket cost?
Where can I buy a ticket to Statement?

Are there any tickets left?

Is the tickets personal or can I sell it to someone else?


Do you recommend any place to stay?

Festival wristbands 

Where can I pick up my festival wristband?


Where is Statement Festival?
How do I get to the festival with public transport?
How do I get to the festival by car?

Festival area, service and accessibility

What are the opening hours at Statement?
Can I bring alcohol to the festival area?
Will there be designated bar areas where I can drink alcohol?
Can I bring cans, carton containers, glass or pet bottles on to the festival area?
Are there any toilets at the festival area?
Can I take a swim in the water?
What kind of food and drinks are available at the festival?
Can I bring my camera?
Crowdsurfing is fun! Can I do it?
What if I sneak in with out a ticket?
Are there any storage points?
What if I or someone else gets injured?
Tell me more about the accessibility
Can I bring my personal assistant?
How many stages are there at the festival area?
What’s the age-limit?
Is there a camping area?

Security and staff

Are there any security guards at the festival area?
Will there be cis-males among the security staff?
Will there be cis-males among the festival staff?

Program and artists

Where do I find the schedule for Statement Festival?
Who can perform at Statement?
What has been your strategy behind Statements line up?
Will there be any off festival events, like example after parties?

Background and exclusion of cis men

Who is welcome to Statement Festival?
What is a cis-man?
Why are you excluding cis-men?
Do you believe that all cis-men are rapists?

Statement’s welcome visitors

Who is welcome to Statement Festival?
What definition of trans people are you using?
Why are you welcoming trans men?
What if I am equally scared of trans men as I am of cis-men?

Support the festival

I would like to support the festival financially, how do I do it?
I want to volunteer during the festival, where do I apply?


How can I contact you?