Non profit organisation

Statement Festival is run by the non profit association Statement. The purpose of the association is to create a safe place where visitors are not exposed to sexual violence during music events.

The project group consists of more than 30 people, all of which identify themselves as women, non-binary and/or transgender. Potenial profit will be reinvested in the association.

  • Create a music festival where non-cis men can feel safe.
  • Promote artists who are not cis-men.
  • Create an organization that highlights a work culture where non-cis men are those who work at all levels.
  • Create debate regarding the social norms that underlie sexual violence against non-cis-men.
  • Create a forum where non-cis men are in focus.

The association aims to manage and develop the Statement Festival. During the summer of 2017, the Bråvalla Festival started a debate in media when they chose to cancel next year’s festival due to an increased number of reported sexual assault. It was pointed out by Bråvalla that sexual abuse is a social problem committed by men, and not events that occur only during a festival. Statement Festival acts as a counter-pole where individuals who identify themselves as cis-men are excluded from participating. Statement aims to create a safe place where people who identify themselves as women, non-binary and transgender can enjoy a festival experience without getting harrassed.