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Statement Festival is a newly launched festival that was created as a response to the countless abuses towards women that has occurred at several music festivals. The festival will be Sweden’s (the world’s?) first large music festival free from cis-men – both among visitors and artists, and it’s a clear statement against the sexual assaults occurring in our society.

The festival is run by the organization Statement, and everyone working with the festival does this voluntarily. As a newly started organisation, we are very dependent on ticket sales. Since we only have a limited number of tickets to be sold, we don’t have any free passes, which consequently means that we can’t give away any free accreditations.

However, we have created a ticket med a 30% discount just for you. A ticket that will give access to both festival days. A ticket that only you as a member of the industry will get access to. A ticket that not even our loved ones are allowed to buy.

Please fill in the below information and we will get back to you with a confirmation when the accreditation has been accepted. Please note that our wish of having a festival free from cis-men also applies to visitors from the industry. The tickets are available in limited quantities. We hope we will see you at Bananpiren 31th Aug – 1st Sept and together create history!

Please note that Statement Festival is a festival for women, non-binary and transgender people only and that also includes all representatives from the music industry. Therefore you can not get an accreditation if you are a cis man.

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